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A small group
French language courses
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- A small group

Maximum 6 pupils per class.

No special preparation or particular knowledge of French is required.

A small groupDiscussion and work with video-cameras.

Excursions to Gordes, Sénanque, Roussillon, Saint Rémy de Provence, Avignon, Arles, Nïmes.

Discussion with provençal crafts persons,...

- French language courses

1 - Individual courses

Program with the teacher.





2 - Intensive week-end courses

From Friday evening to Sunday evening , about 30 hours of classes and visits.

3 - Courses during the week

It is possible to have the lessons only during the morning and to have lunch with teacher.

A personal evaluation

Upon your arrival, you will undergo a three hour written and oral test to identify your overall level of competence in the French language and the specific areas on which you need to concentrate most. The results of this test will be used to place you in one of the 4 levels.

Each level uses different teaching methods and workshops which are adapted to the student's specific needs.

>>> Beginner level

For those who want to learn enough French to get along.

>>> Level 2

Aimed at people wishing to broaden their knowledge base of the French language.

>>>> Level 3

Offers you the opportunity of a more advanced knowledge of the French language through reading literary texts and studying press articles.

>>>> Perfecting Level

Persons interested in broadening their knowledge or improving specific aspects such as history art, conversation, use of computer, study of wines, etc...

Préparation for DELF (Diplôme d'Etude en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondie de la Langue Française)

Classes from Monday to Friday inclusive.

4 hours per day, plus 2 hours workshop.

    - Method

    Method in the class room

    • Intensive method with teachers trained in "accelerated learning" techniques,
    • Total immersion in the French language in a relaxed atmosphere: we emphasize conversation, linguistic games, role playing, groupwork and also reading , writing and grammar methods.

    Our personal method

    Our method use the most important critera for learning a language quickly :

    • small number of people per class,
    • total immersion in the french language.

    Video method

    • Developed during the last 15 years with the many important multinational companies, this method is the real way to developp a true speaking capability.
    - Teachers

    Monique teacherAll frenchprogram teachers are selected to ensure highest possible teaching standard.

    They are specially trained in French teaching to adults by audio visual methods.



    Qualities Leader, Positive, Warmth , Inspiring, Focused, Insightful, Energetic, Motivating, Respectful, Humourous, Empathetic, Challenging, Enthusiastic, Spontaneous, Open-Minded


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