FairTime top view

FairTime front view





What is it?



FairTime is a kind of chess chronometer allowing up to five players.


It records how much time any player really plays, makes statistics and indicates who’s next to play.





Use it



When the game begins, the first player presses the green button; this starts the chronometer. When the actual player is done, he presses the green button thus starting the next player’s playing time and so on.


At the end of the game, the last player presses the red button stopping the chronometer and makes it display all statistics.







FairTime is made of two distinct parts: hardware & software.


As the hardware looks like something you can see hereunder, software offers flexibility.





Electronic schema

PCB drawing







Final PCB

…as it is in the box!







Its displays







Startup display (actual version is 2.1)

Player 1 played 12min and 22 seconds in total





Choose the number of players

Player's overall playing time percentage





When ready, start the game and press "green"

Start over?





Player 1 played already 8 minutes and 36 seconds in Round 7

Okay, let's go!