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L'Homme de Bronze
Doc Savage In French


Did you know that Doc Savage was also very popular in french speaking countries? 

Did you know that french-translated Doc Savage novels were published during the '30s, '60s and '70s? 

Did you know that, contrary to Bantam books, french-translated novels were still published in the late 90s? 

Did you know that some of the Doc Savage comics were also translated in french? 

If you're interested in learning more on the presence of Doc Savage in the french speaking community, welcome to the Doc Savage in French page. 

If you don't know who Doc Savage is, you may want to visit some related sites from the Links page or enter the Doc Savage Web Ring at the bottom of this very page. 

This visit will take you to the following places:

The French Version / Version française
This site is also available in French / Ce site existe aussi en français ! 

The Early Editions
These early editions were published during the late '30s. Doc Savage was renamed Frank Sauvage

The Marabout list
40 Volumes were published between 1967 and 1976. They made Doc Savage very popular in the french speaking community. 

The Marabout covers
What are those funny types? How can I tell an original from a reprint? 

The Marabout back covers
Contrary to Bantam editions, early Marabout volumes had various pictures on the back cover. 

The Marabout inside art
Most of Marabout volumes have original black and white inside drawings, inspired by James Bama. 

The Lefrancq list
Claude Lefrancq has obtained form Condé Nast the french translation rights for the whole Doc Savage saga. Doc novels were published during the 90s, with original cover art, and new or reviewed translations. 

The comics
Several Doc US comics were also translated in french during the '70s. 

The collectibles
The infamous movie, the Marabout key-ring... 

The links
All my favorite sites, the history and future enhancements to this site...